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Investment scope Focus on providing professional gas detection solutions

According to our globalization strategic plan, we will look for like-minded partners to join 90+ countries / regions in the world within three years, and start a support plan to build 20 demonstration markets

the Belt and Road Initiatives Member States Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Iran, Philippines, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia ... North America United States, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama ... South America Produced in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Suriname, Venezuela ...

Product advantages We have conducted on-the-spot investigations on more than 100 gas detection application scenarios, and the products we have developed have also undergone sufficient application testing to gain a deep understanding of the customer's functional requirements for gas detection equipment

  • Various detection gases

    Our self-developed and designed products can detect more than 800 kinds of gases

  • Wide application environment

    Can deal with various complex application scenarios such as high humidityhigh temperaturedryhigh dust

  • Multiple connection methods

    Support wired connectionwireless connectionLANInternet

  • Multiple alarm prompts

    Supports various forms of alarm prompts such as voice, light, vibration, vision, SMS, etc.

  • Strong combination ability

    Up to 20 kinds of gas can be detected at the same time, different units displayed in the detection result can be switched freely

  • Strong protection

    With excellent explosion-proof lightning protection anti-static anti-reverse connection anti-electromagnetic interference

  • Graded early warning model

    Multi-level early warning mode with low alarm, high alarm, interval alarm, weighted average alarm

brand power Master the key links of the entire industrial chain of gas detection instruments, and establish our core competitiveness from the four major sections of product development, production, quality inspection and service

  • 01

    Independent research and development

  • 02

    Independent production

  • 03

    Quality Assurance

  • 04

    service system


Independent research and development

With more than 80 R&D service teams, it has the ability to independently complete product research and design; at the same time, it has carried out technical cooperation with more than 20 R&D institutions to continuously provide technical strength

20+Cooperative R&D institutions 80+R&D/Service Team

Agent support Continue to launch and improve agency support policies to provide as much professional support as possible for the partners' market operations

  • Free mockup

    Can provide free prototypes to experience according to customer needs

  • Professional training guidance

    Provide product knowledge application technology marketing skills after-sales service and other related training guidance

  • Develop exclusive language version

    Develop the corresponding language section according to the country where the agent is located

  • Customer service support

    Technical experts can be appointed to assist agents to provide services to customers according to needs

  • Global branding support

    Global brand promotion to increase visibility and help agents expand the market

More support

Global partners They have achieved good timing in their respective countries


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