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UTP—Unshielded Twisted Pair

The computer world is a magical world of flowers, just like a large network, is organized by countless densely twisted wires. Computers need to use a transmission medium - unshielded twisted pair cable.


Selled for Biological Air Sampler、 Microbiology Sampler、Laser Airborne Particle Counter


Unshielded twisted pair length 305m in a box


Particle counter widely used in Automotive Manufacturing; Coating Processes; Paint Booth;  Aerospace Flight and Space; Hardware Manufacturing; Flat Panel Display Manufacturing; Medical Device Manufacturing; Electronic Industry (semiconductor factory, precision machinery production and processing, etc);Food Hygiene Industry (dairy products, plastic meat food, seasoning food, agricultural products, etc); Filter Manufacturers, inspection filter quality and efficiency, etc; and other areas of precision processing, precision testing required Clean Room (area), and other testing needs.


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