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MIC200-FD705EX UV Infrared Flammable Gas Detector

MIC200-FD705EX UV infrared flammable gas detector combines the latest 4 spectral ranges of ultraviolet and infrared detection technologies to provide accurate and reliable fire detection, and the patented signal processing algorithm can eliminate false alarm to against wrong light sources.For high reliability and strong anti-interference, it can be applicable In smokeless liquid and gas fire places(Just like Refinery, Platform,Tank Farm,Hangar and so on). Support OEM/ODM service.


MIC200-FD705EX Infrared Flammable Gas Detector

* 4 spectral ranges (UV185-260nm;IR 3.8um/4.3um/5.0um)
* Adjustable sensitivity setting,Minimum alarm time ≤5s
* Extended detection range,The detection distance of N-Heptane is 60m
* The best combination of flame detection performance and false alarm suppression
* Military-grade anti-electromagnetic interference capability
* Optical sensor can be self-checked and calibrated
* Lens contamination self-check function
* Suitable for places with multiple fuels
* Suitable for common heavy industry sites

Tag: fixed fire detector for the continuous gas monitoring,infrared detection Flame Detector,UV IR flame detector,Explosion-Proof Point-Type UV IR Flame Detector. OEM/ODM gas detector


Model MIC200-FD705EX
Main Voltage 24 VDC(1830 VDC )
Operating Current (Relay) Monitor: ≤25mA Alarm: ≤35mA
(Current Loop) Monitor: ≤30mA Alarm: ≤45mA
Maximum Detection Angle and Range 120°60m
Spectrum Range UV185-260nm),IR (3.8um/4.3um/5.0um)
Ex-Atex Protection Level Exd IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 T80°C
Protection Class IP66/IP67
Temperature range Temperature range: -40 to 70°C (-40~158°F, Enhance Type)
Humidity 0 to 96% RH, non-condensing
Materials and Colors Stainless steel ,Red
Electrical Interface RS-485/RS-232HART
Size(L*W*H) 119mm* 141mm* 120mm
Weight About 3 Kg




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