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MIC200-FD707EX Ultraviolet&Infrared Flame Detector

MIC200-FD707EX combines the latest ultraviolet and dual infrared detection technologies to provide fast, accurate and reliable fire detection, and the patented signal processing algorithm can eliminate false alarm to against wrong light sources, which means it applies to most environment places (Refinery, Loading Rack and Aerosol Fill etc). The UVIR2 flame detector uses a new narrow-band current infrared pyroelectric sensor and the R2868 \"sunlight blind\" ultraviolet photoelectric sensor from Hamamatsu Photonics Co., Ltd., with a built-in 32-bit microprocessor and patented composite signal processing algorithm. KF715/UVIR2 flame detectors are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and easier to install. OEM/ODM gas detector


MIC200-FD707EX Ultraviolet&Infrared Flame Detector

* Extended detection range
* Adjustable high sensitivity
* More Flexible and Compatible
* Easy Installation
* Reliable fault diagnosis
* Built-in high-speed, low-power, high-performance 32-bit high-precision data processing chip.
* Using patented narrow-band current type infrared pyroelectric sensor and fast response ultraviolet optical sensor combined detection
* Detection distance 40 meters (0.33m*0.33m*0.05m n-heptane fire)
* The detector is suitable for a variety of fuels
* Suitable for heavy industrial applications
* Low maintenance cost, easy to update and improve
* A small fire can be detected earlier.

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Model MIC200-FD707EX
Spectrum Range UV 185-260nm IR 4.3-5.0μm
Detection angle 120° 40m
Sensitivity level Grade I
Main Voltage 24VDC(18~30VDC)
Ex-Atex Protection Level Exd II C T6 Gb/tD A21 IP66 T80°C
Protection class IP66 / IP67
Operation method Infrared remote control
Temperature range -40℃~70
Environmental Storage temperature range (-40~-158°F)
Humidity:  96%RH (non-condensing) can withstand
100% condensing humidity for a short time
Materials and colors Cast Aluminum,The coating is an insulating layer,corrosion-resistant, Red
Electrical Interface 1×3/4NPT,M25*1.5,G3/4, optional
Size 120mm* 95mm* 85mm
Weight about 0.7kg



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