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MS100-A1 Handheld Aluminum Toxic Gas Detector

It has 2600 milliampere large capacity lithium battery, continuous work time more than 20 hours


Pump Suction Type Toxic and Harmful Gas Detector
MS100-A1 is a hand-held pump-type gas detector . It adopts ABS+PC housing, excellent performance and various indicators, and adopts brand-new imported sensors and low power consumption ARM processor. The circuit adopts 4-layer wiring, which is stronger to weak signal and anti-interference. Independent high precision imported ADC analog-to-digital conversion chip, with the company's unique signal processing algorithm, the measurement results are more accurate and stable; 2.5-inch LCD dot matrix display, intuitive and generous reading; Strict control of workmanship and quality.


Number Type of gas Range Respond timeT90 (S)
1 ASH3 0-5ppm <90
2 Br2 0-20/200ppm <60
3 C2H2 0-10/100ppm <90
4 C2H4 0-10/100ppm <80
5 CH2O 0-10/50ppm <80
6 CH3SH 0-10ppm <90
7 CH4 0-100%LEL <30
8 CL2 0-10/50/200ppm <90
9 CLO2 0-1/50ppm <90
10 CO 0-100/500/1000ppm <30
11 ETO 0-10/100/500ppm <120
12 H2 0-1000/40000ppm <60
13 H2O2 0-100/500ppm <60
14 H2S 0-100/1000ppm <60
15 HCL 0-50/200ppm <80
16 HCN 0-50ppm <30
17 HF 0-10/100ppm <90
18 NH3 0-20/100/1000ppm <90
19 NO 0-250/2000ppm <60
20 NO2 0-20/2000ppm <60
21 O2 0-30%VOL <25
22 O3 0-1/10/100ppm <90
23 PH3 0-20/1000ppm <30
24 SIH4 0-50/200ppm <60
25 SO2 0-20/2000ppm <40
26 THT 0-50mg/m3 <60


The detector is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, biochemical medicine, agriculture, fire control, archaeology and other industries and places that need safety detection of toxic and harmful, explosion prevention.

The detector can effectively predict the concentration of dangerous gas alarm, to ensure that the safety of staff life is not threatened, production equipment is not lost.



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