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MS104K-S3 Portable SO2 Gas Meter

MS104K-S3 gas meter can detect 1~4 kinds of gases at the same time, the unit can be switched freely, optional units: umol/mol, PPM, mg/m3. We provide gas detector OEM/ODM serves.


MS104K-S3 Portable Gas Detector 


MS104K-S3 portable gas detector can detect complex gas (carbon monoxide CO, hydrogen sulfide H2S, oxygen O2, flammable gas EX) or any other single gas, except individual sensors with high power consumptionIt is a compact, ultra-low power consumption, mobile gas detector for rapid detection of gas concentration.


Protection levelI P65, up to IP68 needs special treatment, waterproof splash, dust proof, explosion-proof, shock proof, intrinsically safe circuit design, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference.

Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

Using 11800mA power battery, can work for along time, stand by time of 1year, rechargeable.

Up to 1~4 kinds of gases can be detected at the same time, free switching of units.

Optional units: umol/mol, PPM, mg/m3, Vol%, LEL%, PPHM, PPB.

Stand by time: one year, including flammable duration: 100hours, without flammable:400hours.

Support infrared, Blue tooth, LOLA, NB-IOT wireless interconnection function.  


Gases to be detected  Range  Minimum reading Response time T90
Combustible gas ( EX )   0-100%LEL   0.1%LEL  ≤10 seconds
Methane ( CH4 )  0-100%LEL   0.1%LEL  ≤10 seconds
Oxygen gas ( O2 )  0-30%Vol   0.01%Vol  ≤10 seconds
Carbon monoxide ( CO )  0-100ppm  0.1ppm  ≤25 seconds
Carbon dioxide ( CO2 )  0-500ppm  1ppm ≤20 seconds
Ozone ( O3 ) 0-1ppm  0.001ppm ≤20 seconds
Hydrogen sulfide ( H2S )  0-10ppm 0.001ppm ≤30 seconds
Sulfur dioxide ( SO2 )  0-10ppm 0.001ppm ≤30 seconds
Nitric oxide ( NO ) 0-10ppm 0.001ppm ≤30 seconds
Compound gases 
( TVOC )
0-10ppm 0.001ppm ≤30 seconds
Volatile gases ( PID )  0-10ppm 0.001ppm ≤30 seconds


MS104K-S can apply to petroleum, chemical industry, pipe network inspection, medicine, environmental protection, storage and other occasions that need to detect gas concentration.


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