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Laser methane leak detector eliminates the potential safety hazard of household gas leak

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Handheld laser methane detector ZRD4200

1. The detection distance can reach 50m.
2. Small and light, easy to carry.
3. High sensitivity, detection response time <0.05s, and provide sound and light alarm indication.
4. It is suitable for gas leakage risk in overhead pipeline, narrow space and residential kitchen.

Handheld laser methane detector L10

1. The detection distance can reach 100m.
2. Lighter, 25% lighter telemeters that can be carried in your pocket.
3. Easier to use, with only one button, you only need to shine this "flashlight" on the inspection target.
4. Meet most of the inspection environment, intelligent algorithm to prevent false positives, Bluetooth connection APP, advanced battery management technology, not one of them is missing.
5. Durable, all-metal CNC body, protection grade reaches IP68, corrosion resistance, drop resistance.
6. Suitable for natural gas and oil pipelines, urban pipe gallery gas leak detection and other occasions.

Portable laser methane telemeter L20

1. The furthest detection distance reaches 150m.
2. Charge and discharge management fully integrated intelligent battery technology, can adapt to the ambient temperature, in cold climate to ensure a full day of work.
3. Support inspection APP and AlphaOne intelligent inspection system.
4. Easy to operate and powerful, it can record the inspection path and alarm time in real time, automatically generate the inspection report, support Apple/Android system, and connect to the cloud information system.
5. Suitable for all kinds of methane leakage places, such as petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, mine, hospital, municipal gas, environmental monitoring and other places of on-site detection. Can realize the special occasion measurement needs; It can detect gas concentration in tunnels, pipelines, tanks and confined Spaces.

Portable laser methane telemeter ZRD2100
1. The furthest detection distance reaches 200m.
2. Strong selectivity, not by water and other gas cross interference.
3. Fast reaction speed, detection response time is not more than 0.1s.
4. Configuration of optics, aiming and positioning easier.
5. No sampling system is required to reduce the loss of the measured substance caused by each link of the sampling system.
6. Remote measurement can monitor the dangerous area which is not easy to access, and can run in real time, continuously and for a long time.
7. It can be widely used in urban gas transmission and distribution pipelines, oil and petrochemical industry refineries, chemical plants, metallurgy industry, power industry and other places where gas leakage may occur.

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