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Should the gas detector be tested and calibrated frequently

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When the gas detector is used continuously for a period of time, it is susceptible to the use of the environment, the loss of the sensor, possible misoperation or interference with the gas, which will have a certain impact on the accuracy of the gas detector, so we recommend that in order to ensure the gas For the accuracy and test results of the detector, it is necessary to recalibrate the gas detector.

What is the test and calibration of the gas detector: first calibrate the instrument with a zero gas and a standard gas, the instrument will store the obtained standard curve, when the gas detector works in the measured environment, the instrument will The signal generated by the detected gas concentration is compared with the standard curve stored during calibration, and then the concentration value of the gas measured is calculated.

Because different gas detector sensors also have certain differences, there are also certain differences in calibration methods. Today we will use ozone gas detector as an example to illustrate. Ozone gas detector is also a type of gas detector commonly used in industrial laboratories. At present, most ozone gas detectors are calibrated by chemical titration. This is also one of the internationally recognized calibration methods. Its principle is to use strong oxidants ozone and potassium iodide. 

A chemical reaction occurs, so that the iodine is released into the water, causing the water to change color. Afterwards, standard sodium thiosulfate titration is used to change the free iodine to sodium iodide. The end point of the reaction is that the water completely fades.

In addition to the chemical titration method, you can also use a calibrator to calibrate the gas detector, gas detector manufacturers generally use this method

It must be emphasized that no matter what type of gas detector the sensor is, the customer must regularly calibrate according to our recommendations to ensure the normal operation of the instrument and the accuracy of the results. The gas detector needs to be zeroed before each work. 

Each type of gas detector produced by Yiyuntian Technology has the function of automatic calibration and zero reset. This function can prevent customers from forgetting to return to zero before use and causing measurement errors.


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